Anime Madness! Watch One Piece Online and Learn the Secret to This Hit Anime

If you’re going to watch anime but you’re unfamiliar with it, then you might as well start with the most popular anime to date among young teens, One-Piece. It’s the story of the rubber man pirate Monkey D. Luffy who became that way after eating the mystical Gum-Gum Fruit (one of many Devil Fruits). As the protagonist of one piece, he wishes to become just like his hero from his childhood Captain Shanks. By finding the treasure of One-Piece, he intends to become the King of the Pirates.  He is joined by his friends the swordsman Roronoa Zoro, the spunky thief Nami, the long-nosed sharpshooter Usopp, the talking reindeer Chopper, the mysterious Nico Robin, the cyborg scientist Franky, and the fencing musician skeleton Brook. They are the Straw Hat Pirates, and they’re off to find the treasure of One-Piece.

Pirate Adventure in Anime Form


  • Monkey D. Luffy gathered his strong yet bizarre crew for the purpose of finding the One-Piece (a la the “Piece of Eight” of “Pirates of the Caribbean” fame), which would then turn him into the new Pirate King, succeeding the legendary pirate Gold Roger. Actually, if you wish to make an original version of Pirates of the Caribbean in crazy anime form, then you’d probably end up with One-Piece.


  • The strength of the One-Piece narrative roots from the strength of its colorful characters that are appealing and amazing. The series has strong themes of family and true companionship. You would kill to have a squad just like the Straw Hat Pirates. Like with Dragon Ball, they involve traveling all over the world, with them ending up facing rival pirates or the Marine Forces as they thread through the Grand Line.


  • They also have to face off with a corrupted World Government as well as uncover the mysteries of Gold Roger (like where he hid his treasure and what the One-Piece actually is, since the pirates searching for it have no idea). It’s a swashbuckling adventure in anime form that’s a mega hit in Japan and a well-known name in the western anime community.


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